[DoD:S] Damage Stats v0.5

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I ask not to judge me strictly, it is my first plugin.

ver. 0.1 - The plugin conducts calculation of murders, death and suicides of the player, in the end of each round deduces the productivity report for a round.

ver. 0.2 - In statistics after death the information on the put damages to the player and players of the contender is added

ver. 0.3 - Function multi language for messages on damages display in a chat is added

ver. 0.4 - Possibility to disable the reporting after each murder is added, bring sv_showhits_attacker 1/0 command (def. 1, on/off).

ver. 0.5 - Who is added in the reporting the information on that and how many time and at whom you shot shot at you and how many.

Look at a plugin in work it is possible on a server leadrain.ozerki.net:27015

Add in ver. 0.2:

Upon your defeat to you to be output the information in a chat.

Add in new relis ver 0.5, detailed reporting on damages.

Operation on elimination of small bugs is carried on.

Install plugin:

File damagestats.smx plase in a folger addon/sourcemod/plugins.
File dod_damage_report.phrases.txt plase in a folger addon/sourcemod/translations.
Replace a map or reboot server.

By development of this plugin materials and posts have been used:


Many thanks for their help.


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