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Hello people,
Here is another plugin with menus & stats. You guessed its old good damage report plugin, but for Day of Defeat: Source

When a client dies, show how many hits client do and take with damage stats in a menu.
Also show most destructive player & overall player stats at end of the round.
It support client preferences!

This requires More Colors for compilation.

dod_damage_report - Whether or not enable Damage Report plugin
dod_damage_report_mdest - Determines where to show most destructive player:1 = In hint, 2 = In chat

!dmg /dmg - Show Damage Report menu

Installation detalis:
Extract archive to sourcemod dir, or put
damage_report.smx to sourcemod/plugins folder
damage_report.sp to sourcemod/scripting folder
damage_report.phrases.txt to sourcemod/translations folder

Changelog (1.0):
-Added damage report menu
-Added clientprefs support
-Added victim status to chat messages (killed/injured)
-Added colors
-Fixed some bugs
-Fixed issues with a panel
-Greatly optimized plugin
-Make code readable
-Decreased buffer size (to display more items in panel)
-And more...

Changelog (1.1):
-Added 'Most destructive' stats
-Added new cvar: sm_damage_report_mdest <1/0> - Show most destructive player at end of round
-Added translation to 'Damage Report' clientprefs menu item
-Improved clientprefs setting and loading
-Improved headshot tracking
-Greatly optimized plugin
-Renamed 'dmg' command to 'dmgmenu'
-Removed 'hits' phrase in a panel with attackers
-Updated translations

Changelog (1.2):
-Slightly optimized plugin
-Added clientprefs library check
-Fixed issue when client's preferences wasnt saved after reconnect
-Fixed issue when damage/hits was not reset after end of round
-Improved headshot event
-Updated translations
-Changed sm_damage_report_mdest convar values
*0 - Dont show most destructive player at end of round
*1 - Show in hint
*2 - Show in chat area
-Other minor changes

Changelog (1.3):
-Really fixed an issue when client preferences wasnt saved after server restart
-Fixed an issue when Damage Report panel was shown after end of round when it should'nt
-Renamed !dmgmenu command to !dmg
-Updated translations

Changelog (1.4):
-Removed some unused parts of code
-Removed 'generic' hitbox (since DoD:S doesnt support it)
-Fixed a very rare error
-Reduced number of checks on generic events, such as 'hurt' or 'death' - optimizations

Changelog (1.5):
-Round end and most destructive stats will be shown also at a game over event
-Added 'overall damage' to round end panel
-Fixed small error with hitbox
-Updated translations

Changelog (1.6):
-Added More Colors support
-Added german translations
-Added team-colored chat message for most destructive player. It means message will be colored depends on MDest team (red or green)
-Added support for 33 max players
-Replaced 'exit' button to 'exit back' in damage menu
-Replaced ConVars prefix to dod_ one
-Optimized and used new events (for example I split death and hurt events in DoD:S one and made PostNoCopy hook)
-Disabled death panel by default. It means you will need to enable it via !dmg command only
-Fixed a bug when overall damage wasnt shown after end of round
-Fixed wrong translations with hitboxes
-Fixed other minor and very rare issues
-Updated translations

-If you want to enable/disable some stuff by default (ex. always show damage in chat until client toggle it) - go to line 34-36 and set 'false' to 'true' or vice versa.
And dont forget to recompile a plugin

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