[DoD:S] ZombieMod v0.6

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  • Create Date 28. February 2024
  • Last Updated 28. February 2024

There are no working zombie mod plugin (at least public access) for Day of Defeat: Source at this moment, so Andersso and I are decided to create one.

This is a simple ol' good zombie mod plugin, but with some interesting bonuses...
Make sure to upload ZM files to normal and fast download servers!

Here is a gameplay video.


  • Equipment menu with preferences (custom class).
  • Rewards for killing humand and zombies.
  • Improved SpawnProtection for zombies.
  • Round end stats and overlays for both teams.
  • Easy configuration for custom files and whitelists for maps.
  • Models, sounds and other stuff for Zombie Mod.

Latest version of SourceMod.
DoD Hooks.
SendProxy Manager (optional, needed to show zombie's health and hide player classes and icons).
SteamTools Extension (optional, needed to set game description to DoD:S ZombieMod).


  • dod_zombiemod_enabled - Whether or not enable Zombie Mod (Default: 1)
  • dod_zombiemod_winlimit - Maximum amount of rounds until mapchange (Default: 3)
  • dod_zombiemod_minplayers - Minumum amount of players to start Zombie Mod (Default: 3)
  • dod_zombiemod_roundtime - How long time (in seconds) each round takes (Default: 360)
  • dod_zombiemod_human_maxhealth - Maximum amount of health a human can have (Default: 150)
  • dod_zombiemod_zombie_health - Amount of health a zombie will have on spawn (Default: 8000)
  • dod_zombiemod_crit_hp_refresh - Amount of health a crit zombie will regenerate on kill (Default: 100)
  • dod_zombiemod_zombie_speed - Amount of speed a zombie will have on spawn (Default: 0.65)
  • dod_zombiemod_zombie_maxspeed - Maximum amount of speed a zombie can have (Default: 0.85)
  • dod_zombiemod_beacon_interval - Time beween toggleing beacon on last man (Default: 8 )

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