[DoD:S] Grenade Giver v1.0

DoD:S Grenades Giver Description by root I just wondered why no one havent realized plugin like that. This little simple plugin gives X amount of […]

[DoD:S] Spawn Health v1.0

DoD SpawnHealth 1.0 I’ve noticed that a few people are using plugins with a bunch of unneeded features just to be able to set player’s […]

[DoD:S] Grenade Trails v1.0

DOD GRENADETRAILS This little plugin enables Trails on Grenades and Rockets requested by Matrix. Allies have green Trails , Axis have Red. Cvars: dod_grenadetrails_rocket (default […]

[DoD:S] Bleedings v1.2

This plugin makes player bleeding after taking X damage for Y health every Z seconds. Fully compatible with realism physics (you just need to disable […]

[DoD:S] Hitinfo v1.1

Display info about your killer !  This plugins display the hitbox touched. Possibility to have a sound on headshot (read the .sp, make the change […]

[DoD:S] Spawnprotect Source v1.5.1

This plugin prevent spawn killing, but if a “protected” player shoot, protection goes OFF immediatly ! To prevent … This plugin generate a configuration file […]

[DoD:S] Runspeed v1.2

This plugin generate his own config file in “sm_dods_runspeed” CVARS: sm_dods_runspeed 1.0 Speed when RunSpeed is enabled (min:0.8 max:1.4) sm_dods_runspeed_enable_spade 1 (def) Enable(1) permanent Speed […]