[DoD:S] Grenade Giver v1.0

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DoD:S Grenades Giver
Description by root
I just wondered why no one havent realized plugin like that.
This little simple plugin gives X amount of frag grenades to any classes you wish.
Inspired by DoDS Pistols by Dog! :mrgreen:

There are a few ConVars:
dod_grenades_enable = Whether or not enable DoD:S Grenades Giver. By default its enabled.
dod_grenades_classes <#> Give grenades to # classes. 1 = Rifleman, 2 = Assault... By default grenades are giving to Sniper, MG and Rocket classes.

Note: spacer is required in configuring!
dod_grenades_amount <#> Determines amount of grenades to give to a desired classes. By default is 1 grenade.

I know there are a DoD:S Equipment plugin - but its difficult for some server operators.
I realized that to work with Ammo Manager and for Realism Package as well.
Plugin will also generate own config (cfg/sourcemod/plugin.dod_grenades.cfg), so setup convars there.

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