[DoD:S] Fieldmedic v1.4

******************************************** plugin description below is by Feuersturm (author): ******************************************** This is my latest creation, basically written within one night! Like the name and general description […]

[DoD:S] Death Overlay v1.1

s the title says, this plugin display an overlay on Player Death ! This overlay disapear on spawning again Fully inspired by FeurSturm “dod_nostalgic_death” and […]

[DoD:S] Fireworks v1.2

Here you can find a firework plugin for Day of Defeat Source. It has been created by Silent_Water. Just put the .smx file to your […]

[DoD:S] No Nades v1.0

Useful plugin for little maps where grenades are …. Thanks to Dog ! (he make this plugin as a request from me) ! Just set […]

[DoD:S] Anti Jump Shot v1.1

******************************************** plugin description below is by Feuersturm (author): ******************************************** Ever got pissed off by some guys that jump around corners and shoot you in the […]

[DoD:S] Medic Class v1.0.113

Small bugfix and more for this great plugin: Version 1.0.112 – Fixed: dropping primary weapon right after spawn gives primary weapon back to medic […]

[DoD:S] Avalanche Piano Fix v1.0

DESCRIPTION: This plugin removes or fixes piano on avalanche-type maps (requested by johncarib) PREVIEW: CONVARS: [*] dod_avalanchepiano – <2/1/0> 2 = fix piano / 1 […]

[DoD:S] Respawn Extender v1.0

Respawn Extender This little plugin (Mandatory dodhook installed before) extends players respawn time in DoD:S CVARS: sm_respawnextender_enabled / def: 1 / Enable/Disable DoD:S Respawn Extender […]