[DoD:S] Death Overlay v1.1

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s the title says, this plugin display an overlay on Player Death !
This overlay disapear on spawning again

Fully inspired by FeurSturm "dod_nostalgic_death" and dataviruset for "round end overlay"

dod_death_overlay_download.ini in sourcemod/configs folder

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// Decal downloads relative to the materials folder
// decals/death_overlay/deathoverlay.vtf
// NOT materials/decals/death_overlay/deathoverlay.vtf


So you can make and declare your own overlay ! :mrgreen:

cvar: (in cfg/sm_dod_deathoverlay folder)
sm_dod_deathoverlay "decals/death_overlay/deathoverlay" <= this is an exemple by default in the plugin
What overlay to display, relative to the materials-folder without file extension !
(set downloading and precaching in addons/sourcemod/configs/dod_death_overlay_download.ini)
sm_dod_deathoverlaytime "2.0" (def) in seconds, time to display the overlay (between 1 to 5 seconds)

V 1.0:
original plugin (request by LeTaz)
Overlay too long (stay from death to respawn)
V 1.1:
added auto cfg config for overlay model and a timer duration (configurable from 1s to 5s) to display the overlay

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