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This plugin makes the set up of a war easier on DoD:S Source, via a menu and some commands.
This plugin is a SourceMod plugin(http://www.sourcemod.net/). To use it, you must be a SourceMod admin with slay rights.
Official thread: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=87150

Two ways to use it, via the menu+commands, or only via console.

All Consolecommands can be typed in chat if you add "!" at the beginning.

[u]Menu + console:[/u]

To display the menu, type war_menu in console or !war_menu in chat.

[u]Menu contents:[/u]

War Mode Menu
    Choose Maps
    Number of Maps
    Round Time
        A is Ally / B is Axis
        A is Axis / B is Ally
    Start War/Restart Round
    Show Scores
    Show Settings Summary
    Stop War

I believe the choices are enough clear to skip an explanation :)

A little word about the 5 last ones.

The plugin can't know which team start the first round as allies or axis. Use it to tell it

Seebelow to define teams.

[u]Start War/Restart Round:[/u]
Start the war or restart a round if needed.

[u]Show Scores:[/u]
During a war, show current scores, else the last war results.
Show Settings Summary:[/u]
To check the curent settings (don't forget to look in chat history)

[u]Stop War:[/u]
Stop the war at any moment.

[u]Define teams:[/u]
You must do it via the console or via  chat if you add "!" before any command.

war_tagA (or !war_tagA in chat)
war_tagB (or !war_tagB in chat)

Without arguments it returns the current tag of team A or B. Put the new tag between quotes to define it.

[u]Define war config file:[/u]

Depends on league, there are different war config.

war_configfile (or in chat !war_configfile)
war_tvfile (or in chat !war_tvfile)
war_mapfile (or in chat !war_mapfile)

Same syntax than to define teams (config files must be in the dod/cfg/ folder, mapfile in dod/)

[u]Only via console:[/u]
All commands are available in chat if you add "!" before.

[u]War Mode Plugin by Puopjik available commands:[/u]

 - Display the main plugin menu.
 - Display the plugin help.
 - Set to 1 to start the war, 0 to stop it.
 - Restart a round if needed.
 - Define the first map of the war.
 - Define the second map of the war.
 - Define the third map of the war.
 - Define the clan tag of the team A.
 - Define the clan tag of the team B.
 - Define which team plays as allies for the first round.
 - Define which team plays as axis for the first round.
 - Define the duration of a round.
 - Define the number of maps to play on.
 - Display current scores to all players.
 - Display a war settings summary.
 - Reset all settings to default, it also stops the war if it was running.
 - Define the special war config to load.
 - Define the special SourceTV config to load.
 - Define the map file list to use for the menu.


During a war, there is a infinite warmup, which stops when all team are ready.

This plugin is using the file maplist.txt to generate the list of maps in the menu. It must be located in the dod/ folder. You can change it by using the war_mapfile command. 

If one of the two config file is missing, it won't work :)

A little tip about war config file, if you want the warmup to start when the map change, add those lines to your config file:

mp_clan_ready_signal "ready"
mp_clan_readyrestart "1"
mp_restartwarmup "1"
mp_warmup_time "-1"

Two files are created in the dod/ folder, mymatch.txt, and match_results.txt.
Erase them if you want but do not modify ;)

- unload plugin
- erase the file dod/mymatch.txt
- reload plugin

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