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Hello comrades!
This time I learned to stats, databases and stuff like that.

So, I created a DoD:S Stats plugin

This plugin is using award system written by Misery's stats plugin

dodstats_announce "1" = Whether or not print player's information when connected ( points and grade )
dodstats_hidechat "0" = Whether or not hide chat triggers ( rank/stats/session/notify/top/topgrades/topgg )
dodstats_purge "0" = Number of days to delete inactive players from the database. Set to 0 to disable purge
dodstats_bonusround "1" = Whether or not enable stats during bonusround
dodstats_minplayers "4" = Minimum players required to record stats. Set to 0 to disable this feature

dodstats_start_points "1000" = Sets the starting points for a new player
dodstats_points_min "2" = Sets the minimum points to take on kill. Set 0 to disable kill points at all
dodstats_multipler_melee "2" = Sets the multipler for killing by melee weapons (such as knife, spade and punch)
dodstats_points_teamkill "8" = Amount of points to take on team kill (TNT kills will be ignored)
dodstats_points_suicide "5" = Amount of points to take on suicide
dodstats_points_capture "2" = Amount of points to give for capturing area
dodstats_points_block "2" = Amount of points to give for blocking capture
dodstats_points_explode "3" = Amount of points to give for exploding an objective
dodstats_points_plant "2" = Amount of points to give for planting a TNT
dodstats_points_defuse "2" = Amount of points to give for defusing a TNT
dodstats_points_headshot "1" = Amount of points to add for a headshot kill
dodstats_points_victory "1" = Amount of points to give to all members of team which has won the round

dodstats_gg_levelsteal "5" = Amount of points to give for stealing a level (Requires GG 4.2 and newer)
dodstats_gg_leveldown "5" = Amount of points to take on level lost (Requires GG 4.2 and newer)
dodstats_gg_victorypoints "10" = Amount of points to give to a GunGame winner (Requires GG 4.2 and newer)

Set to 0 to disable scoring for _action (but kills/deaths/captures etc still will be tracked)

Admin commands:
sm_resetstats = Reset all stats
sm_resetplayer "STEAM_ID" = Delete a player from the database

Client commands:
rank = Show rank in chat (position, points, points to next rank, kills, deaths)
stats = Display stats (grade, points, headshots, time played, objects captured/blocked, bombs planted/defused, kills, deaths KDR, TKs etc...)
session = Display session (points earned, kills, deaths, headshots, KDR)
top = Display top ten players, their points and KDR (sorted by points)
topgrades = Display top ten players, their awards & kills (sorted by kills)
topgg = Display top ten GunGame players, their rounds won and levels stolen (sorted by rounds won)
notify = Toggle stats notifications

Database settings:
You can use both database types (SQLite or MySQL). By default is SQLite. If you will not setup database config, all stats will be saved in sourcemod/data/sourcemod-local.sq3
Take a look at sourcemod/configs/example_database.cfg if you want to use separate db for stats.

-Plugin requires More Colors and Updater for compilation
-This plugin is fully supporting GunGame and DeathMatch, so you dont need to setup anything, plugin will do it automatically!
-In DeathMatch or GunGame award system is calculating by kills only.
-Stats is not immediately updating after every kill for obvious reasons, so dont afraid if top10 tables wont update
-Plugin is multilinguage!

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