[DoD:S] Motar Kill v1.0

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  • Create Date 28. February 2024
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This plugin gives kill credits for using a map-builded mortar at the right moment. Unfortunately i still see no way to read the function of a pressed button, so you need to configure each mortar one by one in the file "mortar.cfg". Though, i was flying over many current dod:source-maps and i realised that there are only a handful of maps having working mortars. (This plugin does not add mortars to a map - maybe later!).


dod_mortarkill.smx --> "dod/addons/sourcemod/plugins/"
dod_mortar.cfg --> "dod/cfg" (not "cfg/sourcemod" !)


- dod_strand
- dod_ardennes_rc1
- dod_ardennes_rc1_dbs_b1
- dod_helms_attack_dbs_v5
- dod_v2_extreme_1
- dod_ebensee_b4

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